Health & Safety

Our team has 25 years combined experience. With our extensive job history, and a solid commitment to health and safety, we have the experience for your next project. We take Health & Safety very seriously and live by the following mantras when servicing your needs:


Experience is something that can only be gained over time. We are passionate about our industry, and through our experience, we can often tell immediately what will and what won’t work for your job.

While we enjoy getting the result of finding water, we understand we have a responsibility to minimise our impact on the environment. We are committed to sustainably responsible drilling.


Safety is a key part of what we do, not an afterthought. We’re passionate about doing safety the right way, and want to keep things simple so that processes don’t get overly complicated, or messages lost. We’ve all got families to come home to, and we want those feelings of responsibility to transfer to the work environment, where our staff is like family. We’re not going to cut any corners, and are implementing safety management systems to make the individual accountable for their actions.


The workmanship and professionalism of our people are what drives our business, but we also understand it is important to have the right systems in place. Our operating procedures, which are based on our valuable experience, enable us to easily adapt and utilise what we have learned from past projects. These procedures provide a ready reference for troubleshooting and key information for trainees and staff. Combined with our strong systems, they ensure that our standards of workmanship are met.