Frequently Asked Questions

Whatever your need for a borehole as a home owner, commercial business, resort or otherwise, having your own borehole drilled is a big job. It requires a lot of research and understanding and plenty of consideration. You have to be absolutely sure of what you are getting and how it will benefit you. Here are a list of frequently asked questions we are asked on a daily basis, if you don't find an answer here, then just whatsapp us via the button on your screen and we'll help you.

How long does it take to drill a borehole?

Ground conditions and the depth that one needs to drill will determine the time taken to drill a borehole. Ground conditions vary considerably between areas and this will also determine the method of drilling, percussion (using air) or mud pits (using water).

Where can I put a borehole?

Anywhere within your property boundary lines and subject to accessibility of the drilling rig.

How much electricity does a borehole pump use?

Very similar to that of a pool pump, depending on the size of the pump.  The deeper the hole the bigger the pump.

How safe is borehole water for drinking purposes?

The quality of the water is determined by the area and one needs to test the water by a laboratory before attempting to drink the water.  It is always advisable to treat the water with a filtration system before using it in your home.

How to extract water from a borehole?

A cylindrical pump is lowered into the borehole and the water is pumped from the bottom of the borehole to the surface.

How long does a borehole last?

A borehole can last forever, as long as the water continues to flow into the borehole.  A well-constructed borehole with PVC lined pipes is always good practice to get maximum life from the borehole.

There is an existing old borehole on my property, can I use it?

Absolutely, one just needs to do some tests to determine whether the hole is still clean and whether the hole is still delivering water.  Sometimes it might have collapsed and then a small rig can be placed over the hole to drill it open or just blown it clean using a compressor.

How can I find out if a borehole is suitable for my property?

A site inspection will determine accessibility of the drilling rig and water divining will determine whether there is a source of water.

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